MiniBle Malaysia

“Make a Positive Impact on the World”

MiniBle Malaysia is authorized by Taiwan Herher Synergy Corporation to L&X Eco Enterprise (AS0415969-M) as Malaysia’s authorized distributor of Taiwan MiniBle Microbubble Aerator products.

Established on 2020, with the same mission with parent company, “Make a Positive Impact on the World”, we are now bringing Taiwan’s latest technology of Microbubble into Malaysia, so that more people can enjoy the benefits and convenience that microbubbles bring to people in their lives.

In the early stage, microbubble technology is mostly used in sewage treatment, semiconductor cleaning, farming, aquaculture, animal husbandry, commercial and other agricultural industries. Using ultrasonic, motor pressure generation method to generate microbubbles, and due to limitations, this technology is not commonly used in our daily life. However, now, with the latest technology, we can now enjoy the powerful effects of microbubbles in our daily life, which as such, improve our quality of life.

MiniBle microbubble products can improve our quality of life without changing our lifestyle. What you need to do is only by changing the ordinary aerator on your house’s water tap to MiniBle Microbubble Aerator, and then, you can now enjoy the benefits of Minible bring to you and your family immediately. 

Microbubbles burst to generate “dense micro seismic wave” and “hydroxyl radicals”. Testing proved that, the ability of microbubbles produced by MiniBle to remove pesticide residues is 2 to 3 times than ordinary water, and can even kills 50,000 E. coli. bacteria in every c.c of water.​

Microbubbles can improve the ability of water to remove grease, no need to worry about greasy pots and pans anymore! At the same time, it can save the usage of detergent, reduce chemical residues, hence, protect the health of your family members.​

The microbubbles emit high-speed ultrasonic waves when they burst, generating a large amount of negative ions which have the functions of sterilization, body and mind relaxation, and fatigue elimination. Each c.c of MiniBle water producing 100,000 to 200,000 of negative ions, which can let you feel that you are in a forest or waterfall when using the water. ​

The size of microbubbles is 1/500 of the pores and 1/80 of the hair. It can easily penetrate into your pores, clean them thoroughly, and bring away the dirt. The microbubbles themselves carry free electrons, which can absorb dirt, remove grease, and deep cleansing.​

About Herhers (Herher Synergy Corporation)

Herher Synergy (HerherS) is an enterprise which not only strives to benefit the environment, customers, and employees, but also is experienced in personnel, R&D, and marketing team. They dedicate to designing products that “improve human life” and “protect the environment”. With an effective business model, Herher Synergy has appealed more people to join.

HerherS team members have accumulated more than 26 years of R&D experience since 1991, and the team has always maintained the vitality of innovation. HerherS team is always full of ideas and can’t wait to improve everything in front of them. In the past, the team continued to assist customers in improvement, breakthroughs, and innovation. Now they have their own brand, high-quality, ground-breaking design, which not only satisfies customers, but is also the target to emulate by others in the same industry.

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