MiniBle i Dechlorinating Microbubble Shower Head - Dechlorination x Filtration x Microbubble All in One !

Taking shower is the thing that we have to do everyday. As for you, what do you think about showering? It is a fussy thing to do or is another way round? Is it an enjoyable thing to do? Wait Wait, HOLD ON! Stop thinking! How about changing your shower head to MiniBle i Dechlorinating Microbubble Shower Head today? And, this sure will make you feel that taking shower is the most look forward thing to do!

MiniBle i Dechlorinating Microbubble Shower Head is World’s Top 1 Shower Head with Dechlorination x Filtration x Microbubble Functions, ALL in ONE! It also won the “Germany iF Design Award 2021” & “Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award”!

5 Major Specifications help you redefine the definitions of “Showering”, which make showering the most looking forward thing to do throughout day!

The size of microbubble is 1/300~1/500 of human pores,  which makes microbubble can easily penetrate into our skin. With the free electrons on the surface of the microbubbles, it can absorb dirt and remove grease effectively to achieve a thoroughly cleaning and return your skin soft and smooth like baby skin. 

Tiny microbubbles can easily wash away the dirt and grease of your scalp and hair, let your scalp finally be able to take a deep breath. At the same time, it can also reduce static imbalance, which can say bye-bye to annoying frizzy and tangling hair, regain hydration, bring you a satin-like silky hair, and restore your radiance.

Every c.c. of air consists of over 10 thousands negative ions, in which it is like moving the entire forest into your bathroom when once you turn on the MiniBle i Shower Head!

0.3mm ultra-fine water outlet design, together with ultra-high-density water outlet spacing, rainforest-like fine water column give you a beauty therapy massage effect, gentle and caressing every inch of your skin. Starting from today, you can also enjoy the high-end elegant SPA level showering at home! 

With the characteristic of Microbubble, MiniBle i helps you rinse off the shower gel faster and reduces the residue of chemicals on your skin. “Less shower gel, better cleansing effect”, love yourself and love the Earth.

MiniBle i Dechlorination handle is designated to use 100% original imported dechlorinating stone from Japan, which can effectively remove up to 99.9% of the residual chlorine in the tap water. You no longer needs to be a “human body dechlorinating agent” and now, you can also easily control the quality of the bath water for your whole family members.

A Dechlorinating handle (containing dechlorinating stones) can provide about 2 people for 2 months of showering, if it is used by 1 person, it will be 4 months, and so on.

(The calculation basis is 80-100 liters of water used per person per shower)

Note: For the replacement method, unscrew the handle part from the shower head part and replace it with a new handle. Use water pressure to push out the filter and reuse it in new handle.

The handle is made from biodegradable materials, which can greatly reduce the impact on the environment.

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For maintaining purpose, use baking soda or white vinegar with warm water to clean and soak MiniBle i shower panel for 15mins every month.

Dechlorinating handle replacement instruction.

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