MiniBle Q Standard

MiniBle Q Standard - Smallest Size, but The Most Powerful Microbubble Aerator

In our daily life, we often need to go through the action of “washing”. No matter is washing hands, face, dishes, vegetables and fruits, etc., we need to wash things with water. Well, washing is done, but have you ever thought that, did we really “wash” it clean? The water we use in our daily life, is that really can help us to wash things clean?

There are more and more threats in life, such as – air pollution, bacteria, pesticides, chemicals, etc. Therefore, we are forced to use more detergents or purification equipment to reduce these threats, but in fact, these are like endless vicious cycles. So, is there any product in the world that can help to improve our quality of life, at the same time, help to protect our mother earth and contribute to environmental protection?

The World’s Smallest Size, Yet, The Most Efficient Microbubble Aerator – MiniBle Q

MiniBle Q Microbubble Aerator | Improve our water quality, reduce threats, at the same time, reduce the environmental burden

Today, with the latest microbubble technology, we have the world’s smallest but best-efficiency microbubble aerator – MiniBle Q. Which transforms your home’s ordinary aerator into a multi-functional, all in one, “Ultimate Aerator”! By installing this strongest and most effective MiniBle Q, your water then now has the abilities of three times more cleansing power, can clean deeply, sterilize and kills bacteria effectively, remove pesticide residues, and at the same time, it also generates a large amount of negative ions. Therefore, it helps to improve your quality of life without changing your daily lifestyle. Let you and your family live healthier and safer.

Traditional Aerator vs MiniBle Microbubble Aerator

Why MiniBle Q is useful?

Microbubbles refer to bubbles which diameter less than 0.1 mm in water. MiniBle Q produces an average of about 600 million of 0.1 fine microbubbles in every c.c. of water. These microbubbles are at least 1/500 of the size of human pores and 1/80 of the hair, which can penetrate deep into pores or tiny gaps in vegetables and fruits for deep cleansing. With the characteristics of free electrons on the surface of the bubble, it can absorb dirt and remove grease, and which as the result, it can clean thoroughly.

The microbubbles will perform Brownian motion in the water, producing dense micro seismic wave, high-speed ultrasonic waves and hydroxyl radicals when the bubbles burst. These factors can effectively destroy microorganisms, pesticide residues, chemical components structure, etc., thereby enhancing the ability of cleanliness, sterilization and removal of pesticide residues of water.

MiniBle Q - 4 Major Features

Microbubbles burst and produce “dense micro seismic wave” and “hydroxyl radicals”. After actual testing by a third-party unit, the ability of pesticide residues removal of microbubbles produced by MiniBle Q is 2-3 times more than ordinary water, and it can also remove 50,000 E. coli bacteria in every c.c of water.

The size of microbubbles generated by MiniBle Q is 1/500 of human pores and 1/80 of hair, which it can easily penetrate into the pores, and clean them thoroughly, and wash away the dirt. The microbubbles themselves carry free electrons, which can absorb dirt, bring away grease, and deep cleansing.

Microbubbles can increase the rate of grease removal, so you will never have to be afraid of having your greasy pots and pans anymore! At the same time, it can save the amount of detergent used, reduce the residue of chemical components, and protect the health of your family members.

The microbubbles emit high-speed ultrasonic waves when they burst, generating a large amount of negative ions. Negative ions themselves have the functions of sterilization, body and mind relaxation, and fatigue elimination. MiniBle Q can releases 100,000 – 200,000 large amounts of negative ions per c.c of water, making you feel as if you are in a forest or waterfall when using water!

Flexible Design, Only 2 Simple Installation Steps

MiniBle Q Standard Design

▼ Installation Manual ▼

M22 External Thread Faucet

M24 Internal Thread Faucet

Cleaning Instruction

For maintaining purpose, use baking soda or white vinegar with warm water to clean and soak MiniBle Q parts.

Third-Party Professional Organizations Testing Reports

Comparison of MiniBle Q Standard, MiniBle Q Swivel and MiniBle S Standard

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In Taiwan, MiniBle Q had won the New Research Award of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in year 2018 and also received the patents of invention. Today, it has already entered more than 20,000 families and has been strongly recommended by more than 3,000 customers!

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