MiniBle S Standard

MiniBle S Standard - Excellence Craftsmanship, Most Efficient Microbubble Aerator

You might be obsessed with the benefits and power of microbubbles water, or still trying to find out what are the benefits of microbubbles water. If you are looking for a high-end microbubble aerator that is suitable for high water pressure, then you should not missed MiniBle S.

MiniBle S Standard Microbubble Aerator is 100% made from SUS316 medical grade stainless steel. Different from MiniBle Q Standard and MiniBle Q Swivel which work excellent at a lower to normal water pressure, MiniBle S Standard works excellent at a higher water pressure. MiniBle S Standard suit you best if you are looking for more durable and high-end options, with conditions that, the water pressure is allowed. 

MiniBle S | Ultra-high-end, improve our water quality, reduce threats, at the same time, reduce the environmental burden

MiniBle S is an ultra-high-end specification microbubble aerator. From inner to the outer, all components of MiniBle S are made from SUS316 medical grade stainless steel. Medical grade stainless steel is an ultra-oxidation-resistant material, which is considered as the highest level of material in the industry. MiniBle S is manufactured by CNC precision processing technology, with extreme craftsmanship and precise design, in addition with concealed solid parts, thus, it has the reputation of “most durable” microbubble aerator.

MiniBle S is the winner of Taiwan Excellence Award 2020

In addition, MiniBle S has also been awarded with Taiwan Innovation Research Award and Taiwan Excellence Award in recent years. These are the reasons why MiniBle S is definitely your only choice for pursuing higher quality microbubble aerator.

Traditional Aerator vs MiniBle Microbubble Aerator

MiniBle S Standard - Major Features

The size of microbubbles generated by MiniBle S is 1/500 of human pores and 1/80 of hair, which it can easily penetrate into the pores, and clean them thoroughly, and wash away the dirt. The microbubbles themselves carry free electrons, which can absorb dirt, bring away grease and save the amount of detergent used.

Microbubbles burst and produce “dense micro seismic wave” and “hydroxyl radicals”. After actual testing by a third-party unit, the ability of pesticide residues removal of microbubbles produced by MiniBle S is 2-3 times more than ordinary water, reduce the residue of chemical components and it can also remove 50,000 E. coli bacteria in every c.c of water.

The microbubbles emit high-speed ultrasonic waves when they burst, generating a large amount of negative ions. Negative ions themselves have the functions of sterilization, body and mind relaxation, and fatigue elimination. MiniBle S can releases 100,000 – 200,000 large amounts of negative ions per c.c of water, making you feel as if you are in a forest or waterfall when using water!

Flexible Design, Only 2 Simple Installation Steps

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M22 External Thread Faucet

M24 Internal Thread Faucet

Third-Party Professional Organizations Testing Reports

Comparison of MiniBle Q Standard, MiniBle Q Swivel and MiniBle S Standard

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