MiniBle Test Reports by Third-Party Professional Organizations

MiniBle Q And MiniBle S Microbubble Aerator

Pesticide Residues Test

Pesticide Residues Test I 

Removal rate of pesticides with MiniBle microbubbles water is 2-3 times more effective than ordinary water.

Pesticide Residues Test II
To test the effectiveness of MiniBle in reducing pesticide residue, we took lemon produce from a farmer within the preharvest interval to conduct the washing test. The results of the pesticide residue were all within tolerance levels.

Bacteria Killing Test

AntiBacterial Test – E.Coli
4-log reduction in eliminating bacteria and inhibiting effects. MiniBle eliminates bacteria at 5 million CFU/cc.

Concentration Particle Size Test

MiniBle Q - Low Pressure

MiniBle Q - High Pressure

MiniBle i Dechlorinating Microbubble Shower Head

Concentration Particle Size Test

Free Residual Chlorine Test

MiniBle i Dechlorinating Test

Raw Material Test

MiniBle ABS Raw Material-EU Certification

MiniBle i Antibacterial & Mildew Proof Masterbatch - Mould Resistance Test

MiniBle i Antibacterial & Mildew Proof Masterbatch - Antimicrobial Test

MiniBle i PLA Material_EU Compostable Certification

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